Item details - Lustrous Hedbergite
Lustrous Hedbergite
This extremely rare and valuable variant of hedbergite ore was recently discovered by ORE engineers during early field tests of new moon mining technology.

Hedbergite is sought after for its high concentration of nocxium and isogen. However hedbergite also yields some pyerite and zydrine.

Available primarily through moon mining.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 99,999,999,999,999,996,863,366,107,917,975,552 kg
Volume 3 m3
Baseprice 510 ISK
Primary Skill required Mining
Reprocessing Skill Hedbergite Processing
compressionTypeID 46696
compressionQuantityNeeded 100
Asteroid radius size multiplier 0.44999998807907104
Asteroid unit radius 600 m
Stasis Webifier Resistance 0 %
asteroidMetaLevel 4
oreBasicType Lustrous Hedbergite
asteroidMaxRadius 5000 m3